3 domestic alterations, 2019, installation, metal, textiles, plastic, fountain pump, tubing, water container, grass seeds, live video feed, sound installation, variable dimensions.

A project for SoftCells, the curatorial platform of Agnes Bolt.

Video documentation.

"The house stands shielded from the 10 highway by some dejected shrubs and occasional palms. The sound is consistent, and not unlike the ocean. A white noise I stopped paying attention to so long ago and which probably helps me fall asleep at night. Mainly, it leaves its residue on the white mantels, bookshelves, inlaid cabinets, sills and tables gifting me the endless maintenance ritual. And although the street is technically a cul de sac, those that still walk in this city pass by the house, across the highway bridge, at all times of the day and all times of the night. I can always seem them and they me.

Outside is in.

I come home at night dying to washing the city off my body. Peeling clothes, hot water running, my most private relief. For 3 domestic alterations, Jordan Loeppky-Kolesnik creates a series of filters, re-calibrating the interior-exterior relationship of my body to home to outside. A quiet circulatory system. The shower is altered to capture "grey" water and re-direct it to those dejected shrubs. The noise of the highway plays back on speakers, re-processed into an intoxicating living room lull. A window shade, resembling an eyelid, adjusts what is seen, like a squint.”