Entangled Thicket. offset print,
available April 2020 @ LA Art Book Fair.
Published by Nico Fontana.

bottomless pit 

when I come back down the stairs he’s filling in the pit with wet cement

and with the spirit removed.

I go down to the pit, with nostalgia

thinking of the times we sank down into it

blissful, the pit spirits giggling as we writhed like two horny snakes

the pit felt bottomless

us silhouetted against the dirt


Excessive Heat, 2020, HD Video, 4:04, 3D printed monitor cover.

Exhibited Feb 2020 - Geografía Relativa. Group Exhibition, CDMX. Curated by Guadalajara90210.

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some recents:


Travel Spell, 2019, steel, patina, flame, 30” x 30” x 40”.
@ Emergency Contact. Group Exhibition. Sadie Halie Projects. Minneapolis, USA.


Upcoming public sculpture work, to be created in April-May 2020 @ Fellowship Artist Residency, Franconia Sculpture Park, Minnesota, USA.

~inspired by Cornish sacred wells and the "ha-ha" walls of English gardens, stone, concrete & aluminum.


Rope Ladder (hand goes limp), 2019.
hydrostone, charcoal, nylon rope, vinyl, dye, aluminum wire, 8’ x 12’ x 2”.
@ The cold will pay. The wind will pay. Group Exhibition. UCLA Grad Studios. LA, USA.
Curated by Zoe Koke.