Entangled Thicket (2020) & The Pond (2018). Two-volume Publication.
Published by Nico Fontana.
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“Jordan Loeppky-Kolesnik’s two-volume publication, Entangled Thicket & The Pond is a collection of writing, bits, speculation, poetry and image that wind through sexuality, embodiment, fantasty, personal relationships, spirituality, architecture, ghosts and language play.
Written over a number of years, these works are for moments of rest, convergence — frisson.”
– Nico Fontana Press

“I called them from the apathy of day
Into the murmuring shadow of my grove;
I love what shields from light, the clouds and these
Magnificent branches of the Nempnett ash.”

Excerpt From: Ithell Colquhoun.
“Grimoire of the Entangled Thicket ”

First published in 2021
FIRST EDITION, edition of 100
Softcover, printed in Richmond, each book 20 pages, 7.5"x9"

bottomless pit 

when I come back down the stairs he’s filling in the pit with wet cement

and with the spirit removed.

I go down to the pit, with nostalgia

thinking of the times we sank down into it

blissful, the pit spirits giggling as we writhed like two horny snakes

the pit felt bottomless

us silhouetted against the dirt