Jordan Loeppky-Kolesnik
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The Pond, 2018, Installation: wood, drywall, acrylic, metal, textiles, vinyl, humidifier, air conditioner, ventilation duct and fans, tile board, plumbing, silicone caulking, plastic, epoxy resin, charcoal, pond water, vines, dried wasps nests, tadpoles, stinging nettle, variable dimensions, 4-channel HD video, 8'53", color, sound.

"A series of interventions over 4 floors in the back sections of the gallery, previously used as storage and service entrances. Inspired by a nearby forest pond and amphibiousness as a queer affect of transforming."

Exhibited at the Anderson Gallery (Richmond, USA), May 2018.

Two-volume Publication: Entangled Thicket (2020) & The Pond (2018).
Buy from Printed Matter. Published by Nico Fontana.