Jordan Loeppky-Kolesnik is a visual artist from Tiohtià:ke (Montréal) based in Tongva/Chumash Territory (Los Angeles).


Paddock. Public Sculpture. Group exhibition: Out here in the wild oats amid the alien corn. Internationaler Lantz’scher Skulpturenpark, Düsseldorf. July 18 - September 12.

536 VE, with Coco Klockner, Bass & Reiner Gallery, San Francisco, September 2021.

Peristyle. Public Art Installation. FOFA Gallery, Montreal, April 2022.


Collaborative sculptures /w Rindon Johnson in his show, Valley of the Moon. Ghebaly Gallery, May 15.

Jane Eyre, Los Angeles @ the ONE Archives (LA / online) April 22 - May 9, 2021.

Feb 12-March 5. Florida. Egret Egress, Toronto.

Entangled Thicket & The Pond. Two-Volume Publication. Nico Fontana Press. Launched for LAABF.

June - July 2020 - Entangled Thicket. public art production residency, Franconia Sculpture Park, Minnesota, USA.

keywords: speculative fiction, ecology, learning through experience, the senses, the occult, sexuality, personal relationships, new forms of society, chaos, desire, public health, spiritual architecture, land art, climate change, folk & craft traditions, paganism, architecture, ghosts, out-of-body-experience, feelings, post-humanism, anti-capitalism, mental health, trans-humanism, cross-species embodiment, fantasy.

contact: jordankolesnik (at)


thank you to:

Canada Council for the Arts
Kunstkommission Düsseldorf
Center for Cultural Innovation
Foundation for Contemporary Arts
Dedalus Foundation
Hnatyshyn Foundation
Le Fonds de recherche du Québec - Société et culture